The Great War 100

Laymans Guide to World War OneThis website is dedicated to commemorating the 100th anniversary of the ‘War to end all Wars’.

This innovative website  tells the story of the First World War in a graphical format that brings the subject to life in a unique and entertaining way that will appeal to children, teenagers and adults alike. Instead of having to read pages and pages of text, the story of the First World War is told through icons, graphics and images, with short, sharp accompanying commentary. Split into easily digestible areas that tackle one topic at a time, it is very easy for the reader to spend just a few minutes glancing over the graphics and learn something new about The Great War. It doesn’t matter if you are a subject matter expert or if you have never read a book on the subject, these infographics will inspire and engage.

Never before has the history of The First World War been so easy to understand and so accessible for so many people.

For more information and some example screenshots, check out our SlideShare presentation below.