The Great War 100 App

We are delighted to announce that The Great War 100 app is now available on both Android and iOS platforms for just £1.49

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World War One App

World War One iPhone AppThe idea of the app is to try and tell the story of the First World War using infographics. The current version of the Great War 100 App includes over 100 separate graphics covering the following areas:

* Overview * Decisive battles * Weapons of the War * Casualties * War Firsts * The War in the Air * The War at Sea * U-boats

* Tanks * Rifles * Armistice

Over the coming months we will be adding hundreds more exclusive World War One  infographics via free updates.

This innovative and unique application brings to life the story of The First World War like never before, appealing to children, teenagers and adults alike. Never before has the history of the First World War been so easy to understand and so accessible to so many people.
You can buy and download The Great War 100 App for your iPhone or Android Smartphone by clicking on the links below:

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