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Today I stumbled across a group called Gaia3D - they are a UK-based team of artists, developers and animators that are on a bit of a mission to shake up education by using gaming technology to provide interactive and immersive educational 3D experiences. One project of theirs which has captured my imagination is a WW1 virtual trench.

The WW1 Virtual Trench aims to immerse youngsters in a representation of 1914 France where they can join the trench warfare alongside historical heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Being able to watch, listen, and actively interact with the learning content, the students find themselves immersed within a world where learning is intriguing, fun, and engaging.

Wandering through the narrow trench corridors, under the sounds of constant gunfire, the user must interact with various key objects, engage in conversations with the characters, and solve educational puzzles, as they progressively move deeper into the environment and discover the history and the repercussions of the Great War.

The project is in its early stage and there is a prototype but they do need funding – they are using Kickstarter to try and crowdsource enough cash to finish off their vision. They are asking for £25000 – a lot of money there is no doubt but if enough people donate a tenner it doesn’t take long to get very close to their target. There are a number of different levels of pledges – ranging from £5 (Private) all the way up to £5000 (Field Marshall). Throughout the different levels of pledging you get more and more ‘stuff’ for your money, if they go live (No money is taken from your account unless they reach the total amount at the end of the time frame). I have gone for a £100 pledge – that gives me a rank of Lieutenant – this gets me (if it goes live) a chance to customise some content, plus access to the beta version to help shape the final product, a hi-res digital wall paper and the opportunity to a ‘classroom copy’ to a school or museum of your choice.

I think this could be very special – it could revolutionise how we teach kids history. Lets make it happen!

To find out more about this exciting project check out their website


Virtual Trench Screen Shot

Virtual Trench Screen Shot

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